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About Us

The Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball organization consists of training, development and events. Our training focuses on personal coaching, online training and a video subscription service. 


Our development training is all about our Hard 2 Guard Me Basketball Academy, where we only work with 8 players at a time, to give them the individualized attention they need and put them into competitive play using the wonderful tool of 3V3 competitions. This will build basketball IQ and create complete basketball players, who become skilled craftsmen at this game.


Then there are our 3V3 events which encompasses the "Hard 2 Guard Me" tournaments and leagues. The Arch Angels "Hard 2 Guard Me" 3V3 Basketball Tournaments are designed to include a Law Enforcement Officer on every team, in order to build relationships between our youth, young adults and Police Officers; resulting in a positive human connection. These tournaments will segway into a "Cops As Mentors" program, where these Officers become involved in the lives of our youth and young adults in their schooling, special events and life skill development programs like a police academy, mock trials, robotics, government and court room assimilation programs and more. We will begin to re-write the narrative of our Officers within our communities to "Cops Are Cool" as these bridges and relationships are built. Imagine the impact in having a Police Officer as a caring adult into some of the lives of our youth and young adults! We will begin to change the trajectory of some of those young peoples lives which also will translate into a reduction of crime on the streets and safer neighborhoods.

These tournaments will occur in April, August and December to keep the fun touch point in place and to gather our communities together in a family festival and celebratory style.

Our "Hard 2 Guard Me" 3V3 Leagues are competitive stand alone events that will also operate in cities, schools, colleges and organizations. They are designed to create opportunities for more youth and young adults to play, grow their game competitively and explore careers in the wonderful world of sport.

Our Goals

To help more basketball student-athletes achieve collegiate basketball scholarships, develop Olympic 3V3 competitors and champions, bring FIBA 3-on-3 World Cup to the St. Louis area as well as produce professional 3V3 tournaments and leagues.

Our Vision

To create a basketball enterprise within the St. Louis area that partners with national and international basketball organizations to help build and unify our communities using the 3V3 fun game of basketball, to do so.

Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball seeks to elevate, educate, empower, employ and entertain its players and fans.

Our Mission

Our Mission

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