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Advanced Pivoting Into Your Shot - Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball

Creating A Scorer's Mentality Pt. 2 - Series 1 & Vid 6

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Mastering these moves will increase your ability to score tremendously. Double Digit Scoring Moves!

Recap: Being able to pivot into your shot is a set up for becoming a skilled scorer and it reduces turnovers!

  1. Jab Step & Pivot - the jab step is a trick step to get the defender to believe that you are going in a direction that you actually don't want to go in. It's a fake or a mis-step utilized to create space so the defender can get to the rim. The pivot must stay in its place and cannot be dragged or moved while faking with the other foot or you will be called for a walking violation.

  2. Pump Fake & Pivot - happens when you forward pivot, then fake like you're going to shoot the ball, showing the ball above your head and jab stepping at the same time to make it look like a real shot attempt. If you become a great pump fake actor, you will get a lot of fouls called and shoot a lot of free throws.

  3. Jab Step & Rip Thru Pivot - is when you fake step a defender one way, then rip or sweep the ball through to the opposite side of the fake and dribble and take off past the defender before you lift up your pivot foot, to avoid the traveling violation call.

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