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Dribble Drive Jumper Pull Ups - Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball Training

Creating A Scorer's Mentality Series 1 Vid 7

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Learn how to Thump that Jumper!

Recap: Mastering the advanced pivoting moves to ditch your defender can lead to double digit scoring!

  1. Defining Dribble Drive Jumper Pull Ups - taking one or more dribbles then taking two steps, pulling up into the jump shot out of the shooting pocket, getting your elbow under the ball and releasing the shot after the elbow locks. Options are you can dribble drive into an open space and shoot or take your defender off a dribbling combo move via one on one or with a quick first step off of a jab step or off of a pick.

  2. Dribble Drive Jumper Pull Ups in Open Space - the dribbler must maintain balance and ball control and explode into the shot from a crouching power up position, allowing his/her thighs to act as rocket thruster to launch them into the air, eyes on target. Followed by their shooting mechanics push up(height), lock elbow(trajectory) and snap wrist straight down (thrust & follow thru).

  3. Dribble Drive Jumper Pull Ups Against a Defender - if using a jab step(a trick/fake step), then you must keep your pivot foot in place, while you mis-step with the other foot to trick the defender, then dribbling past them before you lift up your pivot foot or you will be called for a walking violation because you moved your pivot foot before you dribbled. Your other choice is to blow past your defender off a dribble move or a combo dribble move like a double up between your legs dribble combo.

  4. Dribble Drive Jumper Pull Ups Off a Pick - when your teammate sets a pick for you, you should jab step and rip the ball thru to the pick side, running your defender right into the pick and then you explode with a dribble drive right off the shoulder of your teammate, dribbling before you pick up your pivot/spin foot to avoid a walking violation call and then take one or two dribble and pull up for the shot.

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  6. Faith - seeing your defender coming at you allows for the offensive player to execute one of their dribble drive moves to evade to defender and get off a clear shot, thus increasing their chances of making the shot. JESUS gave us a parable about seeing the thief coming so that you can protect your goods and not get robbed in Matthew 24:43-47, by stating that we should always be ready and aware at all times seeing the defense/opponent, just like watching for JESUS'S return.

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