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Triple Threat - Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball Training

Learn How to Score!

Creating A Scorer's Mentality - Series 1 & Vid 1

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Train Your Brain & Body to Score!

How to Create a Scorer by Creating Offensive Threats to Score

  1. Teach Triple Threat - Defined as I'm A Threat to Score by a Shot, Dribble Drive or Pass to Attack the Rim

  2. Triple Threat Posture - feet to rim, legs shoulder width apart, bent knees, slight tilt forward at the waist, ball in a pocket, shoulders square to rim, eyes on rim to attack

  3. Attack Rim Mindset - to shoot, dribble drive or pass to the rim.

  4. Creating A Scorer's Mentality Includes Faith, Believing You Can Score & Understanding How to Score

  5. Player's you've got to believe you can and

  6. Coach's you got to tell the they can score and then teach them how to. That's the next video.

  7. Call To Action - Subscribe to our video training library and or if you are local to the St. Louis area, then inquire about one of our upcoming Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball Academy Sessions.

  8. Faith - In the B part of Proverbs 23:7, the Bible states that as a person thinks in his heart, so is he. Meaning that if you believe you can, score or do anything, then you can, but if you believe in your heart that you can't, then you won't be able to because you don't believe. Therefore, you must believe that you can score too.

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