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Locate Your Target - Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball Training

Creating A Scorer's Mentality Series 1 & Vid 3

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What are you aiming at when you shoot? Do you have a target?

Recap Sharp Shooting Mechanics: Ball Shaped Hands, Waiter's Arm and 3 Part Shooting Technique of Pushing Up, Locking Elbow & Snapping Wrist Straight Down.

Locate Your Target First Before You Shoot!

  1. Locating the Target is Critical to the Direction the Ball Travels - there are two targets to focus on. Your eyes are your lasers to laser focus you onto your target.

  2. Rim As Target - which is 90 plus percentage of the shots, where you are either dropping the ball over the middle net hook or in between two net hooks. Wherever your focus is, that is where the ball is going to go.

  3. Backboard As Target - there are two spots on the backboard, the middle of the backboard if shooting from the middle or the top of the box corner of the backboard, where the two lines meet, if you're shooting a layup type of shot.

  4. Faith - JESUS talked about having a single eye in the, if we'll singularly focus on one target, then our whole body, energy and efforts will align in that direction, thus increasing our accuracy as a shooter. Matthew 6:22

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